Langston Pediatric Therapy


At Langston Pediatric Therapy, we believe everything a child does has value. Everything they do, including what they seek or avoid, tells us what they need in order to be more successful and functional for day to day performance.

We practice Ayers Sensory Integration® to introduce sensory experiences that provide just right challenges where your child must make adaptive responses to meet them. Our sessions are child-directed to allow your child to seek out what they need and adapt their behavior. Occurring in the context of play and nurtured by a vigilant therapist, we provide an environment where your child will be actively engaged and want to participate through intrinsic motivation.

Our therapists partner in play schemes and collaborate with your child to establish trust and foster a safe environment. Through Therapeutic Use of Self, we adapt our actions and responses to your child to alter activities, tasks, and interactions based on your child's responses.

Our approach is family-oriented where parents are part of the therapy, taking part in play-based activities with their child. We will partner with you to help you learn learn and understand strategies you can utilize at home.