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Our Staff

It's me...Laura Langston. I am the Director of Therapy Services at Langston Pediatric Therapy. I graduated from Carthage College in Kenosha, WI in 2000 and completed a Master's Program in Occupational Therapy at Midwestern University in 2002. Soon after graduating (or maybe even before), I had a dream of opening an amazing clinic focused on children and their families where they could learn and develop. My dream started to turn into reality when I was asked by a parent of a child I saw at school to continue therapy over the summer. I agreed, and with the help of one single parent who saw the potential my services could have on her son, I learned the winding roads of insurance billing. Soon, through word of mouth, more and more families were seeking my services. So here we are, approximately 9 years, 1 amazingly supportive husband, and 2 beautiful boys later...December 28, 2010 Langston Pediatric Therapy opened doors. I have surrounded myself with wonderful therapists who inspire me every day with their enthusiasm and passion to help children.

My specialty is Sensory Integration Dysfunction. This is what I am most passionate about. I am inspired by Dr. Jean Ayres, the developer of Sensory Integration Theory to touch as many children as I can. I also enjoy working with children who have difficulties with motor planning, handwriting, oculomotor dysfunction, and other developmental delays. I am excited to be a part of this community to develop a relationship with each and every one of you who look for our support.

Welcome to Langston Pediatric Therapy!!!

"...have you ever looked up in the sky at night and seen the brightest stars with the less bright stars surrounding them. The bright stars anyone can see, but the less bright stars are the most interesting. Those are the stars I want to touch." - Dr. Jean Ayres