Langston Pediatric Therapy

Parent Story #1 Kimberly - Plano, IL

Laura genuinely cares about my son and helping him to succeed in life. By adapting sessions to my son’s interests and offering practical suggestions for home and school, she has been very creative in the methods she uses to deliver the therapy and ensure his continual progress.

Parent Story #2 Mary - Yorkville, IL

Laura has been a great asset to our team through her communication with our family, home nursing staff, and as an advocate with the school Individualized Educational Plan team. Her focus on handwriting, keyboarding, respiratory and posture development has helped our son make great gains in overall independence and functional skills. This ensures carryover and support in all environments.

Parent Story #3 Angie - Sandwich, IL

Laura is caring, patient, extremely knowledgeable, and shows extraordinary determination in helping both of our children reach their fullest potential. She provides us with the education and tools we need to continue therapy at home and receive maximum benefits.