Langston Pediatric Therapy

Does your child have difficulty forming letters? Does he/she write too large or have a hard time placing letters on a line? Poor handwriting skills impact countless students. These students find the physical act of handwriting overwhelming resulting in frustration and avoidance. When a child gets caught up in the mechanics of writing, how can we expect them to write words or sentences?

Handwriting Without Tears© is a must have program designed by an occupational therapist to improve fine motor, visual perception, and eye-hand coordination skills which impact a child's handwriting abilities.

Handwriting Without Tears is a proven success in making legible and fluent handwriting an easy and automatic skill. Handwriting Without Tears uses a multisensory approach to learning letter formation and handwriting mechanics as well as speed, neatness, and legibility. It teaches a simple, clean vertical style of printing that is easy for children to learn.

This program uses a consistent, easy to follow, multi-sensory approach including wood pieces, roll-a-dough letters, magnetic board, and workbooks. The workbooks in this program have helped to improve printing and writing skills for students at all levels. They start at preschool (pre-handwriting) and go to workbooks for 5th grade and beyond (printing and cursive). It is an easy and fun way to learn the handwriting skills that often frustrate our children, parents, and teachers.

The skills your child develops through the use of Handwriting Without Tears will help them every day! With the right tools and resources, such as the Handwriting Without Tears program, children will finally have the opportunity and skills to be successful writers!