Langston Pediatric Therapy

what is it?

Sensory Integration is defined by how the brain registers all sensory information from our environment and from within the body, interprets that information, and decides how to integrate the information for the purpose of an adaptive response. This sensory information includes a child's sense of touch, smell, hearing, taste, and/or sight.

When a child is unable to take in and integrate sensory information, this is described as Sensory Integration Disorder. Children diagnosed with this disorder can exhibit inappropriate behavior, have problems with growth and development, and have their ability to learn hindered.


Therapy to treat these problems is driven by the following principles:

  • Just Right Challenge (the child must be able to successfully meet the challenges that are presented through playful activities)
  • Adaptive Response (the child adapts his behavior with new and useful strategies in response to the challenges presented)
  • Active Engagement (the child will want to participate because the activities are fun)
  • Child Directed (the child's preferences are used to initiate therapeutic experiences within the session).

At Langston Pediatric Therapy, we offer over ten years experience utilizing sensory integration models, and understanding sensory integration and its benefits. SIPT certified, our staff is uniquely equipped to develop a program specific to your child. Through play, social engagement, and intrinsic motivation, we help children improve their daily living skills and quality of life.

play-based approach

Our occupational therapists use a play-based approach to improve your child's play, social skills, and academic development. In the context of play, we provide an environment where our students can seek out activities that are fun and present Just Right Challenges based on their individual needs. This child-directed approach allows for activity to be spontaneous, intrinsically motivated, and process oriented. Your child will experience a sense of enjoyment, fostering positive, lasting memories to encourage their growth and success.

safe environment

Our sensory environment provides your child a safe environment they can trust. We provide adequate affordances - lots of toys, space, and equipment - designed with providing a variety of activities from which to choose. Equally important, we provide an environment that is emotional safe and where demands and expectations are understood. Your child will want to participate because the activities are fun.