Langston Pediatric Therapy

our philosophy

Through play, social engagement, and intrinsic motivation, we help children improve their daily living skills and quality of life.

play-based approach

Our occupational therapists use a play-based approach to improve your child's play, social skills, and academic development. Through spontaneous play that is process oriented, your child will be intrinsicly motivated, helping them develop a sense of enjoyment. This leads to the development of positive, lasting memories that encourage your child's growth and success.

just right challenges

We use activity anaylsis to grade and modify challenges for your child. Each situation is analyzed to adapt the challenge to the child's skill level so that it is not too hard or not too easy. This ensures that your child experiences a just right challenge to ensure a feeling of success and increased integration, promoting your child's growth.


Our therapists partner in play schemes and collaborate with your child to promote our relationship and trust with them. We ensure safety within the environment through safety of room and emotional safety where your child has an understanding of expectations and demands. More »

therapeutic use of self

We believe everything a child does has value in telling us what they need to be more successful and functional in their day to day performance. How we respond, react, and interact with the child effects that performance. Through the practice of therapeutic use of self, we adapt our voice, rhythm, movement, and actions to your child.