Langston Pediatric Therapy

our philosophy

Through play, intrinsic motivation, and parent involvement, we help children improve their speech and language skills, including articulation, fluency, and feeding. We develop a plan specific to the needs of your child to help give them the skillset to succeed in real-world scenarios, including school, birthday parties, play dates, stores, etc.

play-based approach

Play is the work of children for how they explore their world, learn vocabulary, and interact with people. Our therapists use a play-based approach to create fun activities that motivate and engage your child to help them reach developmental milestones.

Our therapists

Our strength is diversity and scope of practice. Our therapist specialize in articulation, expressive language, receptive language, feeding therapies, stuttering, oral motor, social language, phonetics, and more.

family oriented

Parents are a part of therapy, taking part in play-based activities with their child. Dad and mom can sit in the session and be an active participant to learn and understand strategies they can utilize at home.

We also communicate with the parent on what was good or bad about session, new actions seen out of your child, and ideas for working at home with your child.


Our therapists partner in play schemes and collaborate with your child to promote our relationship and trust with them. We ensure safety within the environment through safety of room and emotional safety where your child has an understanding of expectations and demands. More »

Our structured setting provides your child with cues that help give your child the skillset to work in real-world scenarios. One-on-one sessions focus on your child's individual needs. Group sessions provide a safe environment for your child to improve their social skills.

therapeutic use of self

We adapt each session by tuning in to what your child needs that day, incorporating their strengths and interests and giving them choices when appropriate. We also interact and collaborate with colleagues from occupational and physical therapy to utilize methods to best engage your child in activity at start of session.